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Coolsculpting For Men in Denver, Co

August 5, 2022

Tackle Stubborn Bulges of Fat Without Surgery

CoolSculpting for Men is becoming more popular worldwide, which is no surprise. CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive body contouring treatment using advanced cooling technology. More than 5 million CoolSculpting treatment sessions are being performed daily. Also known as fat freezing, CoolSculpting is ideal for tackling stubborn bulges that cling to the body, despite diet and exercise efforts.

Read on to learn about CoolSculpting and why more men are turning to fat freezing to sculpt their desired physique.

What is CoolSculpting?

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary treatment that uses the science of Cryolipolysis to target and freeze away fat cells. During treatments, a specialist places a CoolSculpting applicator over the treatment area. This proprietary applicator exposes the skin to calibrated, controlled cooling. Fat cells, once frozen, are essentially dead. The body will process out dead fat cells naturally as waste. Once gone, the fat cells can’t return or regrow. CoolSculpting is proven safe and effective for long-term fat reduction in almost any area from head to toe.

What Does Coolsculpting Feel Like?

During a Coolsculpting treatment session, a cooling device is placed over the treatment area. The applicator gradually lowers the temperature of the fat cells in the targeted area until they freeze. As a result, the underlying fat cells are destroyed, and the surrounding skin and tissue remain undamaged. CoolSculpting feels like a pinching, tugging, or pulling sensation until the area is numbed.

During the cool-down period, these sensations are followed by an intense cold sensation. As cold is applied and the treatment area becomes numb, it can cause different sensations like tingling or stinging. However, these sensations generally go away on their own. Overall, Coolsculpting is a pain-free procedure with minimal discomfort.

Why More Men Are Choosing Fat Freezing

While it is true that women dominate the cosmetic industry, the truth is that many men can benefit from cosmetic procedures. Men often struggle with body image and cosmetic insecurities like women. CoolSculpting allows men the opportunity to shape, tone, and slim their bodies in ways that may not be possible with their efforts. Luckily, advancements in technology and body contouring innovations have brought about non-invasive treatments. Fat freezing is an excellent solution to stubborn fat that requires no painful surgery or stitches- for both men and women.

Benefits of Coolsculpting

There are countless benefits for men seeking Coolsculpting to target and destroy stubborn fat and improve their physique. One of the main benefits of Coolsculpting for men is that it freezes and permanently destroys exercise-resistant fat cells in targeted areas of the body. Additional benefits include:

  •  Non-invasive
  •  No downtime or recovery time
  •  Quick and easy treatment, about 45 minutes
  •  Safe, FDA-cleared procedure
  •  Natural-looking results
  •  Long-lasting fat reduction
  •  Improves self-confidence
  •  A more slimmed and defined physique
  •  No surgery, incisions, or anesthesia
  •  Minimal discomfort

The Most Popular Target Areas for CoolSculpting Men Treatments

CoolSculpting for men provides customized treatments for areas where men specifically experience stubborn fat and bulges. Women that opt for CoolSculpting typically target areas such as the lower stomach, love handles, and thighs. This fat reduction treatment is often used for men to target fat in the abdomen, love handles, and chest. In addition, the notorious man boobs, or moobs, is a common problem area for many male patients.

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Fat Freezing for Man Boobs

Getting the coveted washboard abs is not so easy for men. Many men often struggle with moobs. This is due to the stubborn and clingy nature of fat accumulation in this area. Fat in moobs is resistant to most diet and exercise efforts, no matter the consistency or valiant effort. CoolSculpting for men is a perfect treatment to target this uncomfortable issue. CoolSculpting involves no surgery, pain, or long recovery periods. Men that choose CoolSculpting can enjoy comfortable, quick sessions and return to their daily activities immediately. Best of all, CoolSculpting for men results in long-lasting and natural-looking results.

Fat Freezing for Beer Bellies

In addition to struggling with man boobs, many men experience excess fat in their belly area. This is often a result of overeating or excess drinking, and a lack of exercise. Stubborn belly fat is a challenging area for weight loss in men that is often resistant to diet and exercise. The abdomen is one of the most commonly targeted areas for CoolSculpting. This treatment is a great option for men looking for a little extra help in their mid-section. On average, a CoolSculpting session can decrease subcutaneous belly fat by up to 25 percent. Men that opt for Coolsculpting can effectively banish bothersome belly fat to tone up their appearance and improve their self-esteem.

Fat Freezing for Love Handles

Coolsculpting for men is especially ideal for annoying love handles. While women are more likely to store fat around their hips and thighs, men also struggle with excess fat around their hips and waist. Coolsculpting is an effective way to reduce fat in the love handle area. The treatment selectively freezes and destroys stubborn fatty tissue to help men look better in clothes and feel more confident taking their shirt off. According to studies, 86%* of patients noted “visible reductions” in fat from the flanks, back, and abdomen. Another perk for men who choose Coolsculpting to spot-reduce unwanted fat is that there is no downtime involved. Post-treatment, men are free to resume normal activities, including working out.

Fat Freezing for Double Chin

A double chin is another common problem area for men as they age or gain weight. Unlike the belly or love handle area, a double chin cannot be concealed with clothing. As a result, this problem area is a stressful insecurity for many men. Thankfully, Coolsculpting is a viable option for men looking to reduce unwanted fat under their chin. On average, men can experience a 20-25% reduction in chin fat after a treatment session. Additionally, men don’t need to worry about hiding from friends, family, or coworkers while they recover. Coolsculpting is non-invasive and there is no downtime, bandages, or scarring involved.

Experience CoolSculpting for Men in Colorado

Learn more about CoolSculpting for men by contacting the Colorado Center for Aesthetics and Rejuvenation. COCAR is the leading provider of CoolSculpting in Denver, Boulder, Westminster, and the surrounding areas. We are dedicated to helping men sculpt the body of their dreams with non-invasive, effective treatments. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us to get started. Call us today at (720) 326-6028.


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