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Diamond Glow vs HydraFacial: Which is Right for Your Skin?

May 5, 2023

Is your face betraying your age? If you have wrinkles, age spots, or sagging skin, gentle facial resurfacing treatments are available. DiamondGlow and HydraFacial are two such treatments. They can both resurface and rejuvenate the skin. However, they use different methods to achieve their remarkable results.

Both treatments are beneficial for achieving a healthy glow. Therefore, it can be hard trying to choose between them. To help you determine which option suits your skin, here is a comparison of DiamondGlow vs. HydraFacial treatments.

How a DiamondGlow Facial Works

DiamondGlow is a microdermabrasion device that gently resurfaces the skin. It uses a diamond-tipped wand to remove the top layer of damaged and dull skin cells. This process reveals the radiant, healthy cells underneath. A Diamond Glow facial includes three distinct steps. They are:

Step 1: Exfoliate the skin to remove tired and dull cells

DiamondGlow’s first step uses the dermabrasion system with the patented diamond tip wand. During this part of the facial, the handheld device gently exfoliates the skin, removes dead cells, and eliminates bacteria and debris. As a result, the facial eliminates dull, dry, congested skin.

Step 2: Gently suction debris out of the pores

Next, during step two, the device extracts the buildup on the skin during a deep pore cleansing. The wand pulls out impurities deep within the pores. Next, the device removes oils and other micro debris in the pores. This unique combination of resurfacing therapies unclogs pores and leaves the skin more responsive to topical creams and serums.

Step 3: Infuse the skin with a hydrating and nourishing serum

The final step, step three, uses professional-grade pro infusion serums to nourish the skin. Not only do the formulas of the serums provide nourishing ingredients, but they also repair and protect the skin on a cellular level.

A Diamond facial can treat a variety of skin concerns. It is commonly used to treat hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, large pores, and wrinkles. Treatment areas most commonly include the face, décolletage, and neck. However, this exfoliating facial can also help with other problem areas on the body. For example, if you have keratosis pilaris (otherwise known as “chicken skin”) or stretch marks, you may be a good candidate for DiamondGlow body treatments

DiamondGlow Benefits

Before deciding between a DiamondGlow vs HydraFacial procedure, it’s wise to learn the benefits of each option. Here are some of the top benefits Diamond Glow treatments can offer you:

  • Optimal rejuvenation and resurfacing
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Smooth, glowing skin
  • Look instantly more youthful
  • Unclogs pores
  • Removes oil and debris
  • Evens skin tone & texture
  • Reduces fine lines
  • Eliminates dull, dry complexions
  • Reduces dark spots, sun damage from sun exposure, and more
  • Repairs damage beneath the skin

DiamondGlow facials are non-invasive and personalized. Your healthcare provider will apply a custom-selected serum based on your unique skin care needs.

DiamondGlow Facial Before and After*

The DiamondGlow facial before and after images show the dramatic skin resurfacing results. As always, individual experiences will vary.* However, each person achieves noticeably more vibrant, healthy-looking skin after their DiamondGlow treatment.

When you select a professional provider like The Colorado Center for Aesthetics and Rejuvenation, you expect similar flawless results in your selected treatment area.

How a HydraFacial Works

A HydraFacial is a multi-step hydradermabrasion skin treatment. Its purpose is to revitalize and moisturize the skin. Here are the three steps included in each HydraFacial treatment:

Step 1: Remove the outer layer of skin cells using a disposable vortex tipped wand

The first step of the HydraFacial involves cleansing and peeling the skin. The Hydradermabrasion cleanses and exfoliates the skin, removing dead skin cells or buildup on the surface. It then removes the full outer layer of the skin. Next, a gentle peel breaks up and loosens dirt and bacteria that tend to clog the pores.

Step 2: Clean debris out of the pores using gentle suction and apply a nourishing serum to the newly exposed cells

This step is crucial to the HydraFacial’s impressive results. The extraction process uses the vortex tip and is virtually painless. It suctions up the loose debris from the skin’s pores. This removal of congestion reveals a fresh layer of new skin cells for a bright complexion. Next, the skin experiences ultimate nourishment with hydrating serums, including Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidants, and other nutrients.

Step 3: Saturate the skin with peptides and antioxidants to achieve a coveted, healthy glow

Protection is a vital part of the HydraFacial experience. Using daily essentials to seal in moisture and maintain your results, the HydraFacial ensures you continue to see fresh, healthy, glowing skin for weeks to come.

HydraFacial treatments are versatile and can treat a variety of skin issues. They can help clear up acne, reduce fine lines, and make the skin look more youthful. Though HydraFacial treatments exfoliate the skin, they do so in a gentler way than microdermabrasion. If you want to smooth away rough, old skin cells, HydraFacial treatments are a great option. They can help brighten and invigorate your skin without causing inflammation or damage in the process.

HydraFacial Benefits

There’s nothing quite like receiving a HydraFacial treatment when you want your skin to feel smooth and clean. Here are some of the top benefits this popular facial resurfacing treatment can offer you:

  • Intense skin hydration
  • Cleanses & exfoliates on a higher level
  • Improves inflammation & redness
  • Reduces acne
  • Corrects skin blemishes
  • Nourishes skin with vitamins & antioxidants
  • Improves skin tone & texture
  • Targets bacteria
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Quick, 30-minute treatments
  • No downtime

The results of HydraFacial treatments speak for themselves. But some studies support the results patients consistently experience. For example, one study illustrates the positive impact of six hydradermabrasion treatments on study participants. Reported benefits include reduced hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and pore size. Additionally, epidermal thickness and antioxidant levels increased following the treatments.

DiamondGlow vs HydraFacial: Choosing the Right Option for Your Skin

It’s not easy to choose between Diamond Glow vs. HydraFacial treatments. They both deliver noticeable results and can make your skin look and feel healthier and more vibrant. However, one may better fit your skincare needs than the other.

If you want to slow down wrinkles and other signs of aging, a Diamond Glow facial may be right for you. It delivers more clinical results than a HydraFacial. It can treat skin texture problems and bring life to dull skin. It also provides deep cleansing and stimulates blood flow.

If your skin feels dehydrated and you want it to look and feel plumper and dewier, a HydraFacial may be ideal. It helps clear away dead skin cells and provides immediate cosmetic results. In addition, a HydraFacial is gentle for all skin types and is highly versatile.

HydraFacial Before and Afters*

The HydraFacial before and after images show the impressive skin results possible with this powerful facial. Each person achieves visibly noticeable skin improvements, including fresh, smooth, radiant skin free of bacteria and congested pores. As always, results will vary per person.*

Experience Skin Revitalization in Westminster, CO

Everyone deserves the confidence boost radiant skin can provide. Here at Colorado Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation, we provide gentle, scalpel-free skin revitalizing treatments using Diamond Glow. To schedule your appointment in Westminster, CO, give us a call at (720) 326-6028.

Diamond Glow vs HydraFacial FAQs

It’s normal to experience red or irritated skin for up to two days after treatment. For those who are acne-prone, Diamond Glow facials may temporarily exacerbate breakouts. To keep new pimples from developing, ask for a pore-clarifying serum along with your treatment. Rarely, patients may experience an allergic reaction to the treatment or serums.

Some patients may experience mild redness and skin sensitivity after treatment. This normally goes away within two days. Patients with shellfish reactions should tell their HydraFacial provider prior to treatment. Many HydraFacial serums contain shellfish.

A Diamond Glow facial can cost anywhere between $150 and $300 per treatment. A HydraFacial can cost anywhere between $170 and $300 per treatment. The size of the treatment area and the geographical location where you receive treatment can impact the final cost.

Most people need multiple Diamond Glow treatments for optimal results. Most people see results for a few days with a single treatment. However, with continued treatments, you will receive long-lasting improvements to your skin.

The results of your HydraFacial treatments should last up to seven days. To achieve longer-lasting results, we recommend receiving a series of monthly treatments.


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