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Refund/Product Return Policy

At CO Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation (CO-CAR) we offer goods and services that are irrevocable.  Therefore, we do not issue refunds for any product or service that has been injected or used in your treatment.  In consenting to treatment, it is important that clients understand and accept this condition.

Should you wish to discontinue your treatment in the midst of a series, credit for the pro-rated share of unused treatments at the discounted package price may be extended, and this may be used to purchase other treatments or services offered by CO Center for Aesthetics & Rejuvenation (CO-CAR).

The only time that we will produce a refund for your purchase of a Medical Spa Service, is if your complaint is accompanied by a practicing physicians note explaining you’re medically unable to utilize the service within 6 months of the purchase date of said service.  Should this occur,  CO-CAR will present you with a 50% refund of the original purchase price.

Merchandise may be returned within seven days of purchase with original sales receipt, and may be exchanged for product or spa credit.

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